Close the gap between wrench time and break time.

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In 2014, API RP 756 established safety guidelines for placing break tents on hazardous work sites.
MAX 756 is leading the charge.

Introducing the only blast-resistant tent engineered specifically for RP 756

When it comes to turnarounds, the closer your break area is to the process area, the more time crews can spend on wrenches. MAX 756 blast-resistant tents keep crews up to 75% closer to work sites than standard break tents while meeting all the requirements of RP 756. That means maximum wrench time, flexibility, cost savings and, of course, safety.

Developed by Mahaffey Fabric Structures, a leader in temporary and semi-permanent industrial structures and a member of the API committee for RP 756, MAX 756 closes the gap between wrench time and break time.

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Patent Pending. Application #62/137,562.
MAX 756 rendering for illustrative purposes only. Additional sizes, configurations and accessories available.

Safety Is Our First Priority

Occupant Vulnerability Analysis and Pressure Impulse Curve developed by internationally recognized BakerRisk®.

Contact Mahaffey for MAX 756 siting PI Curve

Keeps your crew up to 75% closer to their wrenches

MAX 756 can be safely sited up to 75% closer to process areas than standard break tents, which means your crew spends more time on wrenches and less time traveling to and from break.

Engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions

MAX 756 is engineered to withstand 130 MPH wind gusts and snow loads of 25 lbs. per square foot. Occupants enjoy a comfortable climate-controlled interior, regardless of the weather outside.

Accommodates large work crews on a compact footprint

On a single, compact footprint MAX 756 can be scaled to meet your needs—from 80 to 500 workers or more. That would require over 42 typical Blast Resistant Modules and a much larger footprint.

A turnkey solution with flexible leasing and fixed costs

We provide planning and siting assistance, delivery, expert installation and removal, a host of accessories and amenities—all with flexible, cost-effective leasing options.

Did You Know?

A typical Blast Resistant Module accommodates just 12 occupants and can cost as much as $90 per day.

Maximize wrench time with MAX 756

Your crew is on the clock until it reaches the break area. That means any time spent traveling to and from breaks, by foot or shuttle, is eating into wrench time. When your crew is large—80 or more workers—that lost wrench time adds up in a big way.

Use the sliders to see how much wrench time a crew can lose.

COMING SOON: MAX 756 Savings Spreadsheet

# of workers:

Travel time to break area:

Wrench time lost traveling to breaks...
Lo$t Daily
Lo$t Monthly
Lo$t Annually
NOTE: Lost wrench time calculations are for illustrative purposes only. Figures assume 30 work days/month and 365 work days/year.

The Choice is Clear: MAX 756 Leads the Charge

MAX 756

Pole Tent

Air Tent

Modular Container

Can get very close to process areas
Can accommodate many occupants
No ancillary ropes, straps, or tie downs
Makes optimal use of available footprint
Engineered for extreme weather
Fixed costs
Not dependent on shore power and other services

Expert Installation and Removal

You can count on Mahaffey Fabric Structures to provide the most safe and compliant tent solutions available in the industry. We're proud to hold HAZWOPER, TWIC, DISA and OSHA certifications as well as site-specific credentials to ensure the safety of our employees and your workforce on site.

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